Ancient Hittites Study

Our study on the ancient Hittites was short, but fun.   I began reading a chapter book on an ancient Hittite boy who goes on to have encounters with Canaanites and Israelites so we are continuing to read the chapter book as we look into those ancient people as well.

  1. Read Ancient World pg 29
  2. Read Hittite Warrior Chapter 1
  3. Color picture in the Ancient Near East Coloring Book (only one picture of Hittites in the whole book though)
  4. The Hittite Warrior Chapter 2
  5. Read DK Eyewitness Books: Mesopotamia pg 34-35
  6. The Hittite Warrior Chapter 3
  7. Watch Battle of Qadesh – Ramses II Decisive Battles of the Ancient World DVD
  8. The Hittite Warrior Chapter 4
I also read aloud Bible texts that dealt with the Hittites.  I was surprised at how many there were.

The Decisive Battles DVD was a big hit.  It looks at the historical battles with computer animation.  It deals with the strategies of the different battles without displaying the gore.  While I read the Hittite Warrior aloud my boys would draw or color a picture from the Ancient Near East coloring book.  My son decided to draw this one after watching the battle of Qadesh on the Decisive Battles DVD.

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