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Learning the Books of the BibleLast year my boys learned the Books of the Bible using this catchy YouTube song.

So this year we have moved on to looking up texts in the Bible. Both boys have a Bible ready and I give them a Bible text to find. My 5 year old is a beginning reader so he only has to find the book of the Bible.




My 7 year old has to find the chapter and verse. They enjoy competing to see who can find the book of the Bible first.

By the end of this school year my 7 year old should be able to find just about any text in the Bible. My 5 year old should be able to have a good idea where a text can be found.

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  1. Awesome link to a modern song to learn the books, I may have to borrow that, I haven’t seen a good one like the one I learned off of back some 20+ years ago.
    Those are goals we have for Lauren too.

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