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I’m trying out a new curriculum with my 6 year old this year. Song School Greek has been a fun way to start learning Greek vocabulary. Last school year we spent the year learning the alphabet and some of the sounds of the letters.

When we use Song School Greek, I basically put the CD in and we sing the songs together for about 15 minutes. My daughter likes to get out her Hello Kitty microphone and sing along. We aren’t doing the book’s activities yet because we are still finishing up last year’s Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek Book 1.  That said, we are learning quite a bit of vocabulary just singing the songs.  Sometimes the songs interchange English and Greek so it is easy to figure out some of the Greek from just the songs.  The student manual has the songs listed if I don’t know what something means.resourcereview

I’m pleased with the curriculum. I purchased the student book with the CD.  I don’t expect to need the teacher’s edition.  At this point I plan to use it in at least first and second grade and then we will slowly start Athenaze.

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  1. We have Song School Latin for my 6 year old. She has only done a couple lessons so far (we plan to pick back up with it in January after the holidays) but she seems to enjoy it. 🙂
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