Health and Safety Study

Health and Safety StudyBack when my boys were in 2nd grade and Kindergarten, I did a health study with them.  I had originally purchased a curriculum, but didn’t like it so I made up my own study with a book that I owned and added in online resources.  This year I am revisiting this study and doing it with my youngest child.

I broke up our health study into weeks and planned to spend about 20-30 minutes each week.    I used the 1989 edition of Lifetime Physical Fitness and Wellness (because it was the one I had on my shelf).  This book was not written for children so when I used the book, I would read it and explain the concepts in a way my children could understand.  All page numbers correspond to the 1989 edition.

Online resources were also a big part of this study.

Week 1: Wellness challenge pg 9 and endorphins and muscle soreness on pg 18

Week 2: 1.5 mile run test page 21

Week 3: Step test page 22

Week 4: Intensity of exercise, resting heart rate pg 28,39,35

Week 5: Muscle strength pg 45 pic and 49 test

Week 6: Strength training exercises in PE book

Week 7: Flexibility test pg 84, 85, 87

Week 8: Flexibility exercises 94-96

Week 9: Low back exercises 97-99

Week 10: Body mass calculations of fat (for me to enter their data only)

Week 11: Fire safety

Week 12: Fire Safety – make fire escape plan

Week 13: 911

Week 14: Lost

Name, address, parents name review

Find another mom or policeman

Stay put, don’t look for parent.

Week 15: Germs

Sid the Science Kid The Journey of a Germ – YouTube

The Importance of Handwashing – YouTube

Handwashing with Soapy – YouTube

Wash your hands – YouTube

No Germs on Me – YouTube

Washing Your Hands the Right Way – YouTube

Handwashing for Kids – Crawford the Cat – YouTube

Week 16: Dental care

Dr. Rabbit and the Legend of the Tooth Kingdom on

Week 17: Dental Care

Fun games here

Week 18: Vision

Week 19: Sex-Ed

Read 5 year old- The Story of Me (God’s Design for Sex)

Read7 year old – Before I Was Born (God’s Design for Sex)

Week 20: Calories and carbohydrates (stay healthy section) and label reading

Week 21: Fats and Proteins (stay healthy section) and label reading

Week 22: Vitamins and minerals pg 121, 122

Week 23: Water and Fiber Pg 122,123

What if you stopped drinking water?

Drink More Water song

Week 24: Food Choices

Choose My Plate games

Week 25: Food Choices

Choose My Plate games

Week 26: Calorie expenditures pg 140

Start food diary

Week 27: Check food diary

Week 28: Stress management

Practice things here (pdf file):  Stress reduction activities for students

Week 29: Sleep

Why we sleep

How sleep works

Week 30: Sleep

Sleep and you

Can’t sleep

Week 31: Sleep


Bring out the stars

Week 32: Stranger Danger

Stranger danger – YouTube

Talk about info from here:

Week 33: Bike and internet safety

Bicycle helmet safety

Bike Safety

Child Focus e-safety

Professor Garfield Internet Safety

Week 34: Anti-smoking/drugs/drinking

Week 35: Step test, flexibility test, body mass test and compare with initial test

Week 36: Continue fitness testing


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