Long term planning

Because of an upcoming move to Asia I’ve attempted to put together long-term plans for my children’s schooling.  Up to this point I’ve planned year to year with a general idea of where I wanted to go in the future.  After 4-5 months of researching and planning I’ve finally come up with a working plan!  I’ve planned for the next three years for each child and through high school for my oldest child because 3 years would take him up through 8th grade.

I took into account each child’s interests and abilities as well as their current future plans.  I expect that these plans will need to be adjusted as we go, but I needed some sort of plan in order to purchase materials ahead of time.

I started to list the long-term plans here, but it was becoming quite long.  Instead I will list a link to the long-term plans for each child.

Long-term plans for middle school through high school for a child who wants to be a scientist
3 year plans for 4th-6th grade for a creative child who has an eye on computer programming
3 year plans for K-2nd grade for a creative child


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  2. I am so happy to stumble onto your site! Glad to know I’m not the only one ‘rethinking’ everything! Eclectic Homeschooler, I applaud you! 🙂

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