Math and Art Combine for Symmetrical Fun

Symmetrical fun  

Zome Tools has been a great resource for us to explore math concepts in a hands-on way.  Two of my children have a visual learning style so I figured that Zome Tools would be a great fit to explore geometric concepts.  We started by exploring different shaped bubbles with Zome and then moved to some exploration of different shapes.  We are now using the Zome Lesson Plans Book and plan to move to Zome Geometry once that is completed.  My Kindergartner tags along and enjoys building too.

Today math and art collided with a task to make a symmetrical giraffe or deer. The book showed a picture of the structure, but it didn’t show what struts were needed or any step-by-step instructions.  My boys took on the giraffe and made similar structures – one just had a longer neck.  I struggled with the deer’s body for awhile and I’m still not sure if I was able to match the picture, but I did manage to make a symmetrical deer.

We use a loop schedule and Zome Tools are something we enjoy about once a week.  It has been a great addition to our homeschool and I expect that we will continue to use Zome for years to come.

The Zome Tools Lesson Plans book can also be downloaded free from Zome here. (note:  pdf file)

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