Prehistory Art Project: Making Arrowheads

My 6 year old finished up her prehistory study with a fun project.  We had planned to make arrowhead cookies, but we still had a ton of Christmas cookies in the house so she and I looked for another option.  She likes having fun in the kitchen so we looked for some kind of edible project.  We didn’t find one so we just made up our own.

I’d done a little shaping using heated Starburst candy before so I thought they might work.  Heated Starburst candy is moldable, but it hardens pretty quickly.  After my daughter unwrapped the individual candies, we put them on a plate in the microwave for about 30 seconds.  This melted them enough to allow them to be put together in one big blog ready to be shaped.

 Once it was cool enough to handle, my daughter and I started shaping them into crude arrowhead shapes like we had seen in our prehistory study.  My 6 year old used a little knife and chopstick to further shape the arrowheads.

After a little creative fun, this was the finished project!

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