Pysanky Egg Craft – Vote for your favorite.

Pysanky Egg CraftToday we did a version of Pysanky eggs for our study of Ukraine. By a version I mean we used what we had on hand. We did not go out and buy any special tools or dyes.

I used food coloring for the dyes and scented candle wax for the wax.  Popsicle sticks were used to apply the wax.  For our eggs we used 3 different colors and applied wax 3 times. Because we went with what we had on hand and because of our skill level the results are not comparable to actual pysanky eggs. But the object of this was to get an understanding of the process and have fun. You can see samples of actual pysanky eggs here on the right.

First we applied hot candle wax to the white egg using a popsicle stick.
We dyed the egg applied more wax and repeated this process until we had 3 dyes and 3 applications of wax.
Here is the last round of dye. Notice the Borys button. A Ukrainian politician was giving out buttons at a parade we went to yesterday and my son really liked that one.

Here are the final results. Not quite pysanky eggs, but more like batik eggs. Maybe sometime we will get the proper tools and try it again. Please vote for your favorite in the comments. Either 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 in the row. Each boy did two eggs and I did one.


  1. in this photo I pick #2, but I have a feling that in real life #4 would be the most interesting

  2. I like 5 ~ the really pale greyish one. So chic & sophisticated looking. ! ☺

  3. Ohio Mom and Gianna says:

    we vote for #1

  4. I think its between teh one on the left green wiht what looks like a yellow and white flower, and the pink one with the line of green in it.
    … the orange and green one is cool too though

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