Learning Style

Learning Style Questionnaire

1. Likes listening to music.
2. Prefers reading independently over being read to.
3. Hands-on activities are an important part of the learning process.
4. Enjoys strategy games.
5. Can sometimes appear to be scatterbrained.
6. Doodles or drawings are an everyday occurence.
7. Is highly imaginative.
8. Retains information well by just reading.
9. Discussion and debate are enjoyable.
10. Prefers to have things organized.
11. Manages time well.
12. Learns well with videos.
13. Talks to himself/herself.
14. Enjoys group projects
15. To-do lists are used and enjoyed.
16. Detail oriented
17. Would rather work one-on-one with a parent than alone.
18. Fidgets often.
19. Difficult tasks may be easier than simple ones.
20. Enjoys art.
21. Remembers oral instructions.
22. Likes to spend time playing outside.
23. Prefers learning in a step-by-step manner where new concepts build on previously learned material.
24. Craves novelty
25. Flashcards are an efficient way to learn.
26. May arrive at a correct answer, but not be able to show the steps to get there.
27. Likes to figure things out rather than follow the instructions.
28. Prefers to work in a group instead of working alone.
29. Does not learn well with drill and practice.
30. Read alouds are well-loved.
31. Math minded
32. Prefers a more interesting meadering way to learn rather than just getting it done.
33. Pays more attention to a task when it involves movement.
34. Comes up with unique ways to solve a problem.
35. Ideas are more important than details.
36. Would prefer information to be in a list instead of a graphic.
37. Sees pictures or movies in his/her head when reading.
38. Can show the steps taken to come up with an answer.
39. Learns well with workbooks.
40. Can easily identify patterns.
41. Remembers more when reading aloud than when reading silently.
42. Gets along well with others.
43. Needs lots of active breaks when working at a desk or table.
44. Is organized.
45. Prefers books with pictures or graphics.

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