Unit Study on Iran

Learning about other cultures is important in our homeschool.  So far we have spent some time on the Arctic, Europe, and a couple years in Asia.  This year we are learning about the Middle East.  Our first stop in our studies is the country of Iran.  Because my boys are a bit older than my daughter, I’m doing the same study at two different levels.

The books listed as read alouds are ones where I read aloud some portions of the book, but mostly we talk about the book and discuss what we discover on the pages.

For 4th and 6th graders:
    1. Read aloud Iran: The Culture
    2. Read aloud Iran: The People
    3. Read aloud Iran the Land
    4. Watch Iran playlist from Youtube:


  • Watch Rick Steves’ Iran
  • Watch Children Of Heaven
  • Color flag http://www.world-free-printable-flags.com/images/iran-flag-coloring-pages.jpg
  • Make cookie cake map of Iran
  • Visit Iranian restaurant


For Kindergartner
  1. Read aloud Iran
  2. Join in watching Iran playlist with 4th and 6th grader as interested
  3. Watch The Little Travelers Iran
  4. Watch Children Of Heaven
  5. Color flag http://www.world-free-printable-flags.com/images/iran-flag-coloring-pages.jpg
  6. Make cookie cake map of Iran
  7. Visit Iranian restaurant
After we are finished with this little study on Iran, we will continue to learn about the Middle East with unit studies on Islam, Judaism, Israel, and Saudi Arabia.

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