What is copywork?

Copywork is commonly used in some homeschooling circles.  Basically it is a child copying words, sentences, or a passage into a separate book to practice handwriting, grammar, and sentence structure.  While I don’t use copywork for grammar or sentence structure, I do use it for handwriting practice.  I do use the Italic Handwriting program for both of my boys, but about once a week I have them do some copywork.  My second grader gets his reading book and chooses any sentence he wants to copy down in his copywork book.  I give my son a page with a couple lines printed from his reading book.  I leave a line blank underneath for him to copy.

Here he is copying the sentences.

It is a pretty simple exercise.  You can make the copywork as short or as long as your child needs.  Although I use a regular handwriting curriculum, I enjoy connecting subject matter when I can.

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