Botany Studies

Botany studies is a fancy way of saying we planted seeds.  We have planted seeds before but this time we are tracking the growth with pictures every 10 days.  My third and first grader each picked a flower to grow indoors.  Now, the flowers they choose are supposed to grow 4-6 feet tall which makes indoor planting a little difficult.  But we can adapt.  I’ve grown sunflowers indoors successfully so I think we can make it work.  After the flowers bloom they will use the pictures taken every 10 days and make a little movie.

My third grader is growing Cosmos – Early Sensation that should take 8-10 weeks to bloom.

My first grader is growing Sunflower – Autumn Beauty that is supposed to grow from 4 to 6 feet high.
When my 2 year old found out what we were doing I gave her a cup and a couple of seeds to plant.
Maybe we will have some flowers by Christmas.  In the spring we plan to plant some vegetables.

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  1. Here’s a link to an interesting “botanical” study related to the artist Monet:

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