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Picture Books as Reading Books: 3rd-5th Grade Level

Picture Books as Reading Books

As I was considering which chapter books would work best as readers for my daughter this school year, I decided to go a different direction.  There are so many great picture books that are designed to be read aloud by an adult that would work just as well.  I went …

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Classic Literature for Middle School

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Back when I started homeschooling, we had a historical fiction reading emphasis.  While that has it merits, I found there to be more benefits to a classic literature reading emphasis. Classics are written by writers who really know what they are doing.  My oldest son recently showed me a page …

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300 Picture Books to Read Aloud in Preschool and Kindergarten

300 Picture Books

When my daughter was young, I would grab some picture books off the library shelves to bring home to read aloud to her.  Let’s just say that this method resulted in many duds.  I knew there were tons of great picture books available, so I decided to put in some …

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Shakespeare for Kids


The first time I was exposed to Shakespeare was in a high school classroom.  The one and only play we read and discussed was MacBeth.  Even though we spent a long time reading and discussing the play, the archaic language made the story line quite difficult to follow.  As a …

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Middle School to High School Reading List for a Strong Reader

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I compiled a middle school to high school reading list for my strong reader.  We started this list in 6th grade and are in the middle of 7th grade right now.  Most of the books on the list would be considered classics, but many contemporary novels are included as well. …

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Free Dick and Jane Reading Books


  In the process of teaching reading, I’ve stumbled around once my child completed a set of early phonics readers.  I’ve tried several things and wasn’t happy with many phonics-based readers and other readers tended to rely mostly on sight words.  So many phonics-based readers were incredibly boring and my …

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Reading Aloud to a Visual Spatial Learner – Improving Listening Skills


As a parent I had envisioned times where my son and I could cuddle together and enjoy books.  From the time my son was small, he would run around and play and interact with other things around him as I attempted to read aloud.  Some kids have the ability to …

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Why Classic Books?


We have chosen classic books as reading books in our homeschool for a reason.  Classic books are books that were written by gifted writers who knew their way around a sentence.  The vocabulary is rich and the sentence structure is varied.  On the contrary, many modern books written for kids …

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