Cookie Baking Competition Winner

The results are in and we have a winner in our cookie baking contest.  A little over a week ago each child had to bake a cookie recipe.  The older two pretty much did everything by themselves except for the baking in the oven.  My youngest did get a bunch of help.  I’m putting links to the recipes we used.

Coming in first place for taste and appearance was the Girl Scout Samoa Recipe.  She received a total of 78 votes for the best looking cookie.  My Kindergartner chose this recipe by finding a picture of a cookie she wanted to make.  6 total points.

Coming in second was the Blueberry Drop Cookie made by my 6th grader.  He tied for second for the best tasting cookie and came in a close second for the best looking cookie.  He received a total of 62 votes and received several positive comments about his comforting looking cookie.  4 total points.

Coming in third place this time was my 4th grader.  He made the Best Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe and he dipped them in a lime green frosting and decorated them with chocolate chips.  These were a kid favorite.  He tied for second on taste and received 20 votes for the best looking cookie. 3 total points.

You can see pictures of their completed cookies here.  Our next competition will be homemade pizza.  They are already starting to think of a winning combination.

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