Planning Middle School for a Visual-Spatial Learner


Middle school is upon us and I’ve attempted to put together a plan that will suit my strongly visual-spatial learner.  This highly creative kid has dreams of a future working with computers in some way.  Math and art are areas of strength.  Language arts subjects have been a weaker area, but he has shown great maturation of skills in the past year.

Unit studies have worked well for him and he will continue to use unit studies for geography and history.  I’m going to attempt to use a textbook for science, but if things don’t go well I will switch to using the textbook as a spine.

Math is currently being done buddy-style.  Art of Problem Solving’s book is full of words and devoid of pictures, but the discovery approach is right up my son’s alley.  I often go through the pages with him explaining things, asking Socratic-style questions, and challenging him to complete a problem before I do.  I suspect that my son will be mostly independent with his math in a year or two.

Computer studies are based on his current interest.  This past year he has enjoyed learning to use Blender.  He started learning C++, but decided to put all his attention into Blender.  I know he has three programming languages on the list of ones he wants to learn so I will carve out time in the school day and have him set a goal for what he wants to learn.









Foreign Language



Fine Arts

Logic and Philosophy


  • Independent study around 3 hours per week- 6th-8th



  • At least 45 minutes per day exercise – 6th-8th


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