Spring Unit Study: Dying Eggs

One afternoon earlier this month my daughter and I decided to dye eggs. She is currently learning about spring and dying eggs was one of the activities I thought she would enjoy.  I’m not very experienced with egg dying so we watched a few Youtube videos together to figure out how we wanted to dye the eggs. She chose this method:

1.  First we boiled the eggs and let them cool.
2.  Once cool we placed an egg in a colander and poured a little vinegar on top.  We only had malt vinegar on hand, but it worked.
3.  Then my daughter put a drop of food coloring on the egg before swishing it around in the colander.
4.  She repeated with another drop of a different color.
5.  We then put the egg on an overturned egg carton to dry.

I made sure to rinse out the colander after each egg.  She used different color combinations for each egg and here is how they turned out:

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