7th Grade Plans

7thgradeMy 7th grader is a diligent learner who enjoys the process of learning.  He is strong on the language arts front and has a high interest in science.  He currently has plans for a future in a STEM field. Our family also has a global focus so we are in the process of learning several languages and each year we spend time learning about different countries around the world.

Math: Finish Art of Problem Solving Pre-Algebra, Start Art of Problem Solving Introduction to AlgebraZome Advanced Math Creator 4 with Zome Geometry

Science:  Miller Levine Biology Macaw iPad edition with labs, independent biology research with an accompanying science research paper and possible entry into a local science fair and Hewitt Conceptual Physics course,  Engineering Everywhere units with brother.

History: Documentary-focused early modern world history study with McDougal Little Modern World History book and the People’s History of the United States

Geography:  Africa (countries and culture) unit study, Material World, apps to learn the locations of all countries, capitals, US states and Canadian provinces (with their capitals), bodies of water, major rivers and landforms around the globe

Current Events: Democracy Now broadcasts, Aljazerra English for reading the news

Language Arts: Finish Classical Writing Aesop-Homer for Older Beginners, speech, Vocabulary Energizers, Abraham Lincoln’s Introduction to Handwriting and Calligraphy, Classical Writing Poetry for Older BeginnersRod and Staff English 7 (grammar only), Classical Writing Diogenes MaximMovies as LiteratureExcellence in Literature as a literature guide only.

Reading: Autobiography by Ben Franklin, Poor Richard, Julius Caesar by Shakespeare and Merchant of Venice by Shakespeare, short stories, Robinson Crusoe, Further Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, Around the World in 80 Days, Prince and the Pauper, Little Women, Last of the Mohicans, Call of the Wild, Great Expectations, Pilgrims Progress, The Man in the Iron Mask

Arabic:  Arabic for LifeSahlawayhi 1: Graded Stories for BeginnersIntroduction to Spoken Standard Arabic: A Conversational Course on DVD, Arabian Sinbad DVDs

Mandarin: Basic Spoken Chinese, Basic Spoken Chinese Practice EssentialsBasic Written ChineseBasic Written Chinese Practice Essentials

Ancient Greek: Athenaze: An Introduction to Ancient Greek Book I

French: Contacts by Valette, Duolingo

PE:  Running, Swimming, Nutrition and Fitness study

Fine Arts: Hoffman Academy video piano lessonsMusic Ace DeluxeThe Phonics of Drawing

Bible:  Read through Bible (1/2 way this year), Evidence for Christianity StudyThe Holy Spirit and His GiftsOT types and shadows study

Logic:  The Examined Life: Advanced Philosophy for KidsPerplexorsTraditional Logic I

Computer:   Codeacademy

He approved this schedule:

8:45-9:30 Bible
9:30-11:00 Foreign Language
11:00-1:00 Math or Language Arts Block
Lunch break and exercise time
2:15-3:00 Computer, Art, Music Theory, or Logic (Rotating)
3:00-3:45 History, Geography, Current Events
3:45-5:30 Science (his favorite)

For homework he would have PE (running a mile), 20 minutes of music practice, and reading literature in bed at night.

Our Nutrition study will replace the mid-day exercise once a week and take the 2:15-3:00 slot as well I think.

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