Bread Baking Competition Winner

The results are in and we have a winner in our bread baking contest!  Each child had to make some kind of bread that used yeast in the recipe.  They all chose different recipes.

We had a three way tie for first place this time with 4 points each.  My Kindergartner’s French Bread won first place for taste, but 3rd place for looks.  My 4th grader’s Crazy Bread came in second in taste and looks.  And finally, my 6th grader’s Artisan Bread came in first place for looks, but third place for taste.  This was a tough one to judge for taste, but the Artisan Bread was way ahead of the other two recipes for the best looking bread.

There were a total of 141 votes for the best looking bread.  Artisan Bread received 113 votes, Crazy Bread received 16 votes, and the French Bread received 12 votes.

Cutting the pizza crust into strips for Crazy Bread.
 Making Artisan Bread.

Forming French Bread loaves.  Attempting to copy the method in Julia Child’s video.

You can see pictures of their completed bread here.  They are already planning what they will make for their next baking competition which will happen right before Christmas.  Their competition should give us three new pies to try for Christmas dinner.

The points are being totaled to give us a overall winner for the school year.  The results thus far:

6th grader:  18 points
4th grader:  14 points
Kindergartner:  17 points

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