7th Grade Plans


I love sitting down with each child to figure out the plans for the next school year.  During our little meeting I have my kid tell me what worked and what didn’t work for the previous school year.  I listen to his feedback and ask him his goals for the upcoming year.  We go over things subject by subject and he makes suggestions or okays what I have chosen for him.

After our meeting, there are usually a couple of subjects where I need to search out resources to meet my child’s goals or needs.  I’m listing the plans for my rising 7th grader.  This is my second time doing 7th grade and this child’s plans look different than my other child’s plans for the same grade.  I highly value a personalized education so they should look different!

These plans are for my visual spatial learner who is strong in math and art.  His priority this coming school year is to learn Lua Scripting, Python, and become proficient at typing.  His long-term goal is to work with computers and create games.  Because of that, math is high on the priority list.

Please note that this is our working plan. It is doubtful that we will finish everything on this list, but we will use it as a guide to shape what we do this school year.



History/Geography/Current Events






Foreign Language



Fine Arts

Logic and Philosophy




  • At least 45 minutes per day exercise
  • Fencing classes


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  1. How many hours per week does your 7th grader spend in school work?

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