What Is Your Homeschool Superpower?


What Is Your Homeschool Superpower

Type in 2 random words to find your superpower!

What is your homeschool superpower?   Everyone has one.  Are you good at math?  Do you love history?  Do you keep your house tidy?  Do you love getting the kids out in nature?  Are hands-on projects your thing?

Type in 2 random words to find out your homeschool superpower.  If the response doesn’t fit you, try two other words until you find something that fits you well and share it in the comments.

  • What is your homeschool superpower?

    State 2 random things about your homeschool

    First Thing:
    Second Thing:


  • Every homeschool is different.  Every homeschool parent is different.  We come to this journey with our own set of strengths and weaknesses.  There will be many others on this journey that shine in areas that you do not.  At the same time, you will shine in areas that others do not.

    Be yourself – your unique self.

    Shine in the way that you were meant to shine and don’t compare yourself to other homeschoolers.   We are all quite different and that is okay.

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