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Foreign Language Progress – Arabic

My boys are slowly learning Arabic and we are using Alif Baa With Multimedia as well as Arabian Sinbad.  Alif Baa focuses on learning how to read and write the alphabet.  We find it quite challenging because letters are written differently based on where they are in the word.  It also…

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Learning Arabic in Elementary

We started learning Arabic three years ago when my oldest son was in first grade and my younger son was only 4.  I searched out different Arabic programs, but most were religious.  We are not Muslim so I wanted a resource that was secular.  We started out with exposure to…

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Learning to read and write in Arabic

This school year we are continuing with Alif Baa.    Alif Baa is a Arabic curriculum that teaches you how to read, write, hear and produce all the sounds in the Arabic language.  It does cover basic vocabulary as well.  The Alif Baa curriculum introduces you to the sounds of the different letters of the…

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