First Day of School Festivities

We started our school year with a little fun.  Earlier this summer I learned of a homeschooling family that wrapped all the new school supplies.  On the first day of school they opened presents.  I thought my kids would love that so we started out day unwrapping presents.  I had wrapped their new school books, some read alouds, as well as things like markers and pencils.

My 2 year old is several years from starting school, but no one is too young for presents.  She loved her new crayons and markers.

We explored all the new things and I hooked up the boys to their new pedometers which is part of their PE program this year.  They decided to spend 1.5 hours on their new puzzle books.  We then moved on to playing our new game called 10 Days in Asia.  We then spent about 45 minutes on geography as we began our study on the plight of children around the world.   Long after our school day ended the boys were walking and running around trying to meet their daily goal for their pedometer.

We have started our fourth year homeschooling.  My youngest son is now in first grade.  It wasn’t so long ago that my oldest was in first grade.  It makes you stop and count each day as precious.

2 years ago


  1. Looking at the picture from two years ago makes me sad… wish you all still lived close by… 🙁 Sounds like a fun first day! – Aunt Jenny

  2. We do something similar called school cones. Have you heard of them?

  3. A FUN start is a good start, and it sounds like you got right into things!!!! Hope you all have a fantastic year!

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