I Love Homeschooling

homeschoolingI love homeschooling. Why?

  1. I can personalize my children’s education.
  2. My children can work at their level and not be tied down to what the class is doing.
  3. I know what my kids know and what they don’t.
  4. I get to spend the day with my children.
  5. I get to teach my children subjects that are not options in local schooling.
  6. We can take our time and learn about a subject in depth.
  7. We are not tied down to any curriculum. We can change or adapt at any time.
  8. We have flexibility in days off of school, when we start, and when we finish.
  9. We can start school after a relaxing morning.
  10. Stronger sibling bonds.
  11. I can teach my children from a Christian perspective.
  12. I can choose my children’s curriculum and materials or even design my own curriculum.
  13. Socialization! I can socialize my children and not leave it to the schools to do.
  14. I get to explore the joy of learning along with my children.

Of course it is not all sweet and easy. Homeschooling does have it’s downsides like:

  1. Cost. Although I spend a fraction of what the local school would to educate my child, I still pay tax dollars toward the local schools.
  2. Time. Schooling your children is like a full-time job. You have the planning, preparation, and teaching time that is not in the schedule of parents who send their kids to public schools.
  3. Responsibility and knowing that the buck stops with me. If my child doesn’t learn something, it is up to me to figure out how to help him learn. I can’t look to the teacher or school or cast blame anywhere but myself.
  4. Whining. Yes, my kids whine. They don’t always enjoy school. They don’t always want to do schoolwork.

Downsides and all, homeschooling is the right choice for us. The day in and day out of learning together builds precious memories.  And to top it off, homeschooling will give my children a quality education that can’t be found in public schools.


  1. I completely agree 👍
    I am new to this homeschooling thing & I am so grateful I came across your site….I LOVE IT…Thank you!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! This is exactly how I feel. And for the same reasons!

  3. Liked your post, retweeted it.

    The cost is not just our loss of income from not working (moms) but also yes paying the taxes & getting no rebate from gov’t then buy materials & pay for some outside classes. It does add up.

  4. I agree with your post 110%.

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