Nature Studies – Wildflowers

This school year we have undertaken a wildflower project.  During the first part of the school year before autumn took full force we went exploring around our neighborhood and on a farm to find different wildflowers.  When spring arrived we went searching again, but didn’t find anything new.  Our latest search revealed several new flowers.  Once we picked the flowers with the leaves attached we took them home and looked in a book called Ontario Wildflowers: 101 Wayside Flowers to try and identify the flowers we found.

When we did identify a flower my son wrote the name of the flower on the top of a blank sheet of paper and then the flower was taped to the paper and squished between books for a couple days.  Once the flower was pressed we arranged them alphabetically into a notebook with clear page protectors.

Now we have a nice little notebook of pressed flowers.

My son picked this page as his favorite.  It has the Oxeye Daisy on one side and the Philadelphia Fleabane on the other side.  He chose it because his favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles.

My other child picked the Red Clover and the Sweet Clover page because she liked the way they looked.
Flower hunting this school year has been fun.  Next year we may try a little bird hunting with a camera.


  1. This is a very inspiring post! Let’s teach our children to be inspired with nature.

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