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sotwactivitybookI’m going through the Story of the World series with my daughter at a leisurely pace.  We are using the Story of the World audio book and the Story of the World Activity Book as our main resources and adding in some videos, books, and projects.

On this post I have listed additional books, videos, and activities that are not listed in the activity manual.   I highly recommend the combination of the audio book and the activity book.  It has been working quite well for us.

This list only goes through chapter 17 of book 1 because I didn’t think we would get beyond that in one school year.

Here is basically how we are using Story of the World:

  1. Story of the World chapter audio with coloring page (We listen to the audio in the car as well.)
  2. Review questions (from Activity Book)
  3. Map work (from Activity Book)
  4. Mixture of read aloud books, videos, and projects on the topic.  This takes up most of our time, but it is the part we like the best.


Chapter 1 – The Earliest People

We started a prehistory unit study last year, but didn’t finish it so I added a bunch to this chapter.

Chapter Two:  Egyptians Lived on the Nile Rivernile

Chapter 3:  The First Writing

Chapter 4: The Old Kingdom of Egypt

Chapter 5: The First Sumerian Dictatorsumerian

Chapter 6: The Jewish People

Chapter 7: Hammurabi and the Babylonians

  • No additions

Chapter 8:  The Assyrians

Chapter 9:  The First Cities of India

Chapter 10: The Far East – Ancient China

 Chapter 11:  Ancient Africa

Chapter 12: The Middle Kingdom of Egyptinthedaysofthepharoahs

Chapter 13: The New Kingdom of Egypt

Chapter 14:  The Israelites Leave Egypt

Chapter 15:  The Phoenicians

Chapter 16:  The Return of Assyria

Chapter 17:  Babylon Takes Over Again!


  1. This is grear! Do you have an updated version by any chance?

  2. Thanks for this great resource. You might want to add this to Chapter 4. My kids really enjoy this!

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  5. The link to the Abraham movie no longer works, it says the movie was removed, is this the same one?

  6. Have you seen the Crash Course History stories on YouTube?
    I saw them listed as a video resource for Ancient History on another blog, and I wondered what your thoughts on it was, if you’ve seen it. We’re slowly getting started with World History, (doing Sumerians/Mesopotamia next week), and gathering resources. CrashCourse does it in super-speed, so maybe it’s too fast for kids to really catch on(and they’ll miss alot of the jokes in it anyway…) (my kids are 8 and 10).
    Elaine recently posted…Favorite Picture BooksMy Profile

    • Eclectic Homeschooling

      My boys (ages 11 and 12) and I have watched some of the Crash Course videos. We’ve used some of them for history, but usually it is when I can’t find a documentary on the topic.

  7. This is great! Do you think you’ll continue with the rest of SOTW 1 next year with her? Did she do your prehistory unit study before this? (I see some of the resources are the same.)

    • Eclectic Homeschooling

      Yes, that is the plan. In Kindergarten we started the prehistory unit study, but didn’t finish it so I incorporated the unfinished parts into our SOTW study. HTH

  8. Wow! Thank you so much for this resource list. We are leisurely doing the audio and workbooks for SOTW and this is excellent!
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