A Visual-Spatial Learner at Work

Today I opened one of my son’s logic books to check his work and I was met with some rather challenging pages to grade.  This child is very much a visual-spatial learner and I am having him do the Building Thinking Skills Level 3 Figural from the Critical Thinking Company The other logic books that we use involve a lot of language-based reasoning.  The figural book works to his strengths and gives him practice with logic in an area of strength.  He loves the book too, so it is all good.

As you can see on this page – lines can make quite the journey before they reach the answer.

He sees little creatures in the correct answers and completes the picture.

I had to get him to decode this page for me.

The directions told him to use colors or numbers to indicate congruent shapes.  He did faces.

These types of things make me happy that I’m homeschooling him.  I wonder how many of these pages would have been marked incorrect or sent back to be redone if he was in a typical classroom.  While I believe it is important to follow directions, I also allow some leeway because I know his brain just sees things differently and these pages are a reflection of the multiple and constant animated storylines going on in his head as he completes his work.  On these pages he didn’t happen to miss anything so I just get his help in decoding at times and tell him to make it easier on me next time.


  1. I love it. My son’s work always has extra additions and I love to see them and see what he thinks about when he is doing his work.

  2. These pages look just like my DD6 work. She is very visual spacial. Everything has a drawing and paths snake and twirl all around to the answer. I too am glad we homeschool as I know there would be problems with this.At home it is fine. Oh and there are always little creatures, monsters, or people in hers like that as well. LOL

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