Our Sweet and Simple Homeschool Space

Our Sweet and Simple Homeschool Space

We recently moved from the city to a century old farmhouse out in the country.  While we are only here temporarily, I’ve made a little room into our homeschool space.  I’ve kept the clutter to a minimum because the house is for sale and I don’t like clutter.  The room is small, but it is close to all of the bedrooms where work will be done as well.

Take a peek…

Homeschool Computer Area - Old Farmhouse

We moved our computer desk into the room and found a mobile internet option that was workable.  There is no high speed internet out here!

Homeschool Game Storage - Old Farmhouse

I’m using some of the shelves in the closet for game storage.  I also have a couple big plastic bins full of homeschool books and supplies in the closet that we won’t need this coming school year.

Homeschool Room - Old Farmhouse

A simple wooden table with a chair is all we need in here.  My kids prefer working on their beds or sprawled around the house, so having space for one kid to write at a table is plenty.  The computer chair swivels around so I can sit down with a kid at a table when necessary.

Homeschool Book Storage - Old Farmhouse


An old cabinet was emptied and filled with homeschool books.  I have one spot for library books only and the other areas are sorted by subjects to make things easier to find.  I still have to purchase some things for the upcoming school year, but I have some wiggle room in the shelves to fit any new books.

Homeschool Books in an Old Cabinet - Farmhouse

Pretty homeschool books.  Classical Writing books are on the left and Rod and Staff books are on the right.

Language Arts Books in a Cabinet in an Old Farmhouse

Here are some of our language arts books we plan to use this school year.

View from the window in our homeschool room - Old Farmhouse

The view from our homeschool room.  We are on the top floor of the house and we look down to some of the gardens surrounding the house.

Corn Scented Air

We may be missing air conditioning in the summer heat, but we are enjoying corn scented air when we step outside.

Our Sweet and Simple Homeschool Space - Old Farmhouse

Our sweet and simple homeschool room.

We have homeschooled in 5 different houses so far.  Every one has been quite different.  What is your homeschool area like?  Please share in the comments.

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  1. We don’t have high speed internet where we live either. I’m curious what mobile option you found.

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