Top 10 Posts of 2013


As 2013 draws to a close, I looked back at all the blog posts for the past year and took note of some of the most popular titles.

  1. Our 2013-2014 Curriculum  came in first place.  It lists and links to the curriculum and resources I am using for my 6th grader, 4th grade, and Kindergartner.
  2. Our Homeschool Room was also quite popular.  Our homeschool area isn’t a place where you will find any decorating ideas, but it is a place that is useful and comfortable for us.
  3. Coming in third was a big project that I undertook early in the year.  I made long-term plans for my children’s education.  It really helped me get an overall picture of where we are headed and what should be focused on now.  I did plans for my oldest child all the way through high school.  For my 4th grader I made plans for 4th-6th grades and for my Kindergartner I made plans for Kindergarten-2nd grade.
  4. In 4th place was my post on Learning History Through Documentaries.  It covers the fall of Rome through the Middle Ages with links to documentaries that can be watched online.
  5. This school year my children have started baking competitions.  They each choose a recipe to make.  Once made, it is taste tested by a judge or judges (aka family and friends) and then pictures of the item are displayed online for viewers to vote on the best looking item.  So far this year they have done a cookie competition, pizza competition, cake competition, and a bread competition.
  6. The Interactive Science Simulations post was quite popular.  I shared a link to an awesome place where you can do tons of science simulations for free.
  7. The post on When Formal Learning and the Imagination Combine is a little look into what formal schooling looked like with a highly imaginative Kindergartner.
  8. I compiled a list of 6 Great Math Apps.  My kids participated by doing short videos of the apps so you can see what the apps are like.
  9. Coming in 9th was the post on Homeschool Planning.  In order for me to really get anything accomplished in our homeschool, I need to be organized.  In this post I show my “system” for organization.
  10. Our 10th most popular post is the video post we did on a typical day.  This 9 minute long video shows what my kids did during one “typical” school day early this school year.  I also included a typical school day video from several years ago.



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