Woolly Mammoth Cake

For our study of prehistory we have explored woolly mammoths. At the conclusion of our study we made a woolly mammoth cake. I like to include art in our studies, but don’t have space for tons of art projects to hang around. To resolve this I like to make our art edible. We made the woolly mammoth cake out of 2 cake mixes – one round cake pan and one large rectangle pan. I cut the rectangle shape to form the trunk and made a zig-zag cut in the middle of the round cake to form the two ears. I then covered it all in chocolate frosting and grated some dark chocolate to form the “woolly” part of the mammoth. The eyes and tusks were made from white chocolate melted and mixed with powdered sugar. The tusks should have been bigger, but they were as big as the materials we used would allow. The eyes are white chocolate and powdered sugar as well with a little dab of chocolate frosting in the middle. It wasn’t too difficult to make and it is fun to eat!

I used directions from a familyfun website for an elephant cake and adapted it.

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  1. As a lover of prehistory, I really adore this woolly mammoth cake! I might try to make one myself. And I’m having fun browsing your ancient history tag. Lots of fun project ideas.

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