10 Days in Europe Game Review

10 Days in Europe Game Review

Last school year we started our study of Europe. As part of that study I purchased the 10 Days in Europe Game. What a fun game! We probably played it about 20 times last school year. Basically the object of the game is to travel through Europe by making connections to other countries. To start the game each player is given 10 cards which are placed in the wooden stand that is numbered 1-10.

The game contains 3 different kinds of cards – country cards, airplane cards, and ocean cards. The country cards come in different colors which match their colors on the board. The airplanes also come in different colors. When playing you need to line up 10 cards in order. In your trip you can only line up adjacent countries or you can fly to another country of the same color if you use the airplane card. If you use an ocean card you can travel from one country on that ocean to another country on that ocean.


When a player takes a turn they pick a card from the draw pile or from one of the three discard piles.


The game is finished when one player has 10 days in a row that are connected. This game has done a great job introducing the countries of Europe to my boys. They naturally learn where the countries are located and what they are called. The age range for this game is 10 and up. I’m not sure why. My 7 year old has no problem playing this game. My 5 year old can play the game but doesn’t have a good strategy. In the latest game he kept picking airplanes and tried to make connections using lots of airplanes. Needless to say his strategy was not successful.

I highly recommend this game. We plan on getting the other versions of this game in the future.

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