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comparisonsThis past week a large group of homeschoolers filled out the “What Kind of Homeschooler Are You?” quiz.  If you scroll through the comments where people shared their results you will notice something.   Something big.

Everyone had different results.

Over the years that I have been homeschooling I have seen a recurring issue among homeschoolers.  Comparison.  I’ve seen many homeschoolers downtrodden because they feel that they aren’t doing things as well as another homeschooling family.

Every homeschooling family is unique.  We all come at this homeschooling journey with different philosophies and are teaching our own set of unique individuals.  Because of this, shouldn’t homeschooling look different from family to family?

Instead of looking to other homeschooling families to see how we are doing in our homeschooling, the best thing to do is look at our children.  Are they thriving with what is going on in our homeschool?  If yes, continue on.  If not, change something.

It just doesn’t help to compare because everyone is different.


  1. As long as he’s progressing about a year/year, I don’t care too much how he gets there. I through different ideas towards him, I expose him to a lot through reading, museums, doing, etc. I actually left a board today because there were too many moms telling other moms (including me) that we’re “doing it all wrong.” No. This is MY private school. I have 1.5 students (I have one who is dual enrolled in a Spanish Immersion program at the moment) and we learn. We discuss. We have fun.

  2. YES!!! The world isn’t black and white. It is a rainbow differences. We are all beautifully different as are our reasons and methods of homeschooling 🙂
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  3. We are new and unexpected homeschoolers. My kids are on the verge of 5 and 2 years old. My oldest and I took it together where answered each question mentally and he answered aloud. Only two times did he differ from me and it was only slightly. So first result is that I, the newbie, am on track with his needs. Then we had to look up the results to help us define them. We are really newbies and we learned south from the quiz. We have now asked my husband who has only a minimal role in our journey to take it just to see what his learning philosophy is. Thanks for this quiz.

  4. I totally agree! Our homeschool has changed for each of my children and I realized early on that it is just another thing where I don’t fit into any particular box… nor do I want to.
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