Make Your Own Printing Press

Make a Printing Press

My 7 year old and I are learning more about the history of English in her Fun with English Unit Study.  Hands-on learning is my daughter’s preference so we got a little messy and made our own printing press with things we had around the house.

We used:

  • Washable paint
  • A paintbrush
  • Packing tape
  • Paper
  • Mini white board or cookie sheet
  • Plastic alphabet letters

Steps to Make Your Own Printing Press

Step 1:  Decide on a message that you want to use on your printing press.

Step 2:  Find plastic alphabet letters to write your message.

Step 3:  Use long strips of packing tape to make a double sided surface.  Attach one side to a piece of paper and the other side provides a place for the plastic letters to stick.

Step 4:  Stick the plastic letters onto the tape.  Make sure your message is taped on backwards for it to be printed correctly.

Step 5:  Paint the letters liberally.

Preparing letters for printing

Step 6:  Get a piece of paper and something with a hard and flat surface.  We used a mini white board for our hard and flat surface.  Put a piece of paper on the painted letters and press down the hard and flat surface on top of the paper to make an impression.

Making a Print

Step 7:  Remove the printed paper and allow it to dry.  Make more prints.

Finished prints

Step 8:  Reapply paint to make even more prints.

Step 9:  Remove the plastic letters and wash them in warm soapy water.


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