Spring Hiking

Spring is here!  We recently had our first hike of the season.  It was still a bit cold, but the snow was gone and winter boots were not longer necessary.  We moved during the winter so this spring our hikes are exploratory.  We have several local trails near our house.  For our first hike of the season we went down a path that took us on a trail bridge over a busy road and we ended our walk when we found a trail map.  On the trail map we discovered that the trail ended up at a lake, but we had already been walking for 30 minutes and it was time to head home.  We decided we would aim for the lake on the next hike.  We go on little hikes as part of physical education.  Our little hikes build up endurance and give a good dose of exercise.  Weather permitting we will do about one hike per week.  Looking forward to many more hikes this season.

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