The Bible for visual learners

There are many children out there that are visual learners.  I happened to have one of them.  It is difficult for him to sit and listen to a story unless there are pictures.  His attention to the story changes dramatically when he can see the story.

Recently I started using the Visual Bible series as part of our study on the life of Jesus.  The Visual Bible is a DVD series that puts the books of MatthewJohn, and Acts on video.  This isn’t like your typical Bible story on DVD.  It is the actual books of the Bible come to life.  Actors play the parts of Jesus, the disciples and others speaking the actual words of the Bible.  A narrator speaks all the words that are not part of dialog.

The Visual Bible has been an excellent option for my visual learner.  We are currently in the middle of Matthew and plan to go through Acts this school year as well.

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